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Alternator problems?

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I have a 99 Eldorado that I replaced the alternator in the fall of 09 with a lifetime warranty re-manufactured one. I had another one go out 2 months ago and now it is acting up again. Do I have some other problem leading to them going out or just having crappy luck with parts?
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Thanks guys for the replies. It is just frustrating and time consuming. I hate having a car I can't trust and it has sucked me dry over the past few months. I had the return line break on the overflow, then split a seem in the radiator a few weeks later, then blew the heater core a few weeks later, then the water pump went out a few weeks after that. Then a few weeks later the alternator went out only being a little over a year old and now again 2 months later. Seems to be a pattern. lol
It only had 135k miles on it. My first Caddy, I thought it would be quite a while down the road before all these issues.
By acting up I mean it will show a charge of 14.8 for a few miles, the go to not charging the battery for a few miles and then to 13.2 for a while then back up to 14 then drop to 12.5 and then not charging again. All in a 10 mile trip to work.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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