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Just purchased a 2004 CTS that does not qualify for GMPP. I would like to add an extended warranty (service contract). I am looking at a Comprehensive coverage (bumper-to-bumper) agreement from Alpha.
Has anyone had an experience with this company?

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1. Read the contract. Three or four times.
2. Check BBB.
3. What specifically does warranty cover?
4. What does it exclude?
5. Does it require actual breakage, or will it pay for worn rings, noisy rear end, etc?
6. If the repair costs exceed the value of the vehicle, how much will Alpha pay?
7. If the problematic item has a TSB, will the warr pay for it?
8. Does the warr provide new parts or used parts?
9. Have you asked your service mgr to read the contract with you. He/she is the guy/gal who knows what is and what is not a great contract?
10. What have you found on an internet search?
11. What is the best book rating on this company?
12. Are you aware that third party warrs go bankrupt at the rate of 12 per year? More now than ever.
13. If you ask for a refund, where does the company send the refund? To you or to the dealer? What if the dealer goes out of business or goes bankrupt? How do you get your $$ back?
14. What other questions do you have about or for the warr co?
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