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Well after work last night I was thinking about the race coming up this weekend at Englishtown NJ. And where it was a race that I would be running with the SRT8 crowd and other V's. Well with me being a competitive person I was thinking "Do I have time to do my suspension changes and install a nitrous kit?" Well I came to my senses and realized that I don't have time to do the nitrous install the way I plan on doing it over the winter. So I thought to myself I could just do the basic wet kit and forget about the progressive system for now.. Then, I thought, well I could easily through in a dry system in time.. But I really want this kit to be safe and progressive (so to be easy on the So I put everything back away for now, and will do the kit once the right way.
Anyway here are a few pics of me thinking outloud last night.. lol
I think I am making the right choice on waiting a little while longer..

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