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Allante VIN Sequence Skulduggery

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Ok, I understand and can decode the VIN positions of the Allante up until I get to the easy part: the sequential part at the end.

It looks like 1987 was the typical format with beginning VIN 100001 to ending production VIN 103363 (3363 units built for that model year).

Model years 1988 and 1989 followed suit.

However, the 1990 VIN ending sequence/format is changed.

I understand that the hardtop was now optional. But that was addressed by VIN position five: the R changed to an S. The R was for factory hardtop, S was for convertible (not a hardtop from the factory).

It also looks like the S VIN ending sequence format changed from the 100001 format to a 120001 format. I'm ok with that.

The part I don't understand is this: How is it possible that the S VINs have sequential numbers in the 6000s, or 7000s, or 8000s?

For example, there is a car for sale online right now with VIN 1G6VS338xMU126587. How can there be a 6587th Allante produced for that year? There were only 2500 Allantes built that year.

Did the S VINs begin at 124000? Or 125000? And then become sequential?

It looks like the R VINs stayed with the 100001 format.

What was Cadillac doing?
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if my vin ended in 101827 doe's that mean my car is the 1827 th built
Well, I'm a newbie and not sure of Allante VIN info.

However, I think if you have an Allante with a VR in the VIN and your final sequence is 101827, it means that your Allante is the 1827th HARDTOP built that model-year. All 1987 - 1989 Allantes will have a VR VIN.

A hardtop Allante is defined as an Allante coming from the factory with the hardtop - because starting in 1990, the Allante could be delivered from the factory as a soft top only, which made the VIN a VS, not a VR.

And the final VIN sequence for a soft top VS Allante is in this format: 12xxxx. You don't have that sequence format.

My original post above is trying to verify if that VS format actually begins at: 125001. Meaning that if a VS soft top Allante was the 1500th car built that model-year, the VIN would be 126500. But I'm still waiting for verification.

Hoo boy, this is confusing! But stick with me.

My explanation holds true EXCEPT for 1993, when ALL Allantes were VINed as VS factory softops, which means a 12xxxx format VIN. However, if a 1993 Allante left the factory with a hardtop, the final VIN sequence stayed as the hardtop 10xxxx format.

1993 factory soft top: VS with VIN sequence 12xxxx
1993 factory hardtop: VS with VIN sequence 10xxxx

Kinda confusing, but I hope my non-expert suggestion helps!

By the way, I think your car would be a 1987 - 1989 model-year with that high of a hardtop VIN sequence. I don't know production figures for 1990 - 1993 hardtop Allantes, but I don't think that 1827 HARDTOP units were VINed in any model-year in those later years. Maybe an Allante expert can tells us those specific production numbers.

Again, I am a newbie.
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