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I hate to send you to another board, but there was some pretty extensive discussion on this on the AAG board. Unfortunately, we/they are having problems with the domain registrar. Normally, the board would be, but due to the problems you have to get there via

Do a search on something like thermostat (make sure you set the max age something large, like 500 days - it defaults to 7).

There are a couple of issues. Depending on the situation, what you see could be normal. If it isn't normal, you're looking at potentially the cooling fans, the cooling fan relays, the thermostat, or possibly, a blockage caused by poor cooling system maintenance.

Pay particular attention to any posts by Jestal, as he is a GM powertrain engineer who worked on the Allante line, among other things.

Here's some possibly relevant info...;action=display;num=1046971407

This one has a good description of what is "normal";action=display;num=1037580181
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