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1993 Triple Black Allante
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The AAG will hold its annual National Meeting in Memphis, TN September 12-14 2003. John Monzo promises this to be the biggest and best meet ever and encourages members to try to make a vacation of it. For more information contact John Monzo at the following email address [email protected] or visit his website at

1993 Triple Black Allante
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Just an update for you Allante fans out there.

The Allante Appreciation Group Nationals and Vacation

Theres not much time left to be part of this great Allante meet

Friday, September 12th
Check in at The Cottages at Kirkwood National Golf Club. Call 1 (800)
461-4653 Tell them your with the Allanté Club
under Jim Summerlin. The cost is $83.46 per night per room, tax included.
Each room sleeps two and has it's own full bath and shower. Each cottage
contains four rooms. So you can be together with friends
You can check in early and get in a round of golf on Friday. Two weeks
before the meet I will need to know how many want to play and how many may
want to rent sets of clubs. People will be able to play all weekend but
they can get there own tee times after they get here. It is just that
Friday I will need to hold those times open if they want to play.
Guests may check in as early as they want on Friday, any time after 7am.
Dinner on Friday night will be a southern seafood buffet catered and served
at Kirkwood at approximately $15.00 per person.

Saturday. September 13th
Breakfast will be served at any hour at Kirkwood
The car show will be held on the Square in Holly Springs. We will leave
Kirkwood at 10am and drive 4 miles to the show area. Police presence has
been arranged for the entire show event.
Refreshments will be available throughout the day from local organizations
and merchants which are located on the Square.
A casual lunch will be held at Antebellum Montrose at a cost of
approximately $15.00 per person. Montrose will be open for touring as well
as lunch.
We will have horse drawn carriages available throughout the event for
anyone who wishes to take a leisurely ride.
During the course of the event, if desired, another of the Antebellum homes
Walter Place will be available for touring.
The Marshall County Museum is within walking distance (or carriage ride) of
the event and is also available for touring throughout the day.
Casual dinner will be at Kirkwood in the Clubhouse. The cost will be
approximately $22.00 per person. After dinner, we have use of the dining
room for as long as needed.

September 14th to the 19th
Now this is where it gets very interesting:
Read on..

Graceland opens at 9:00 a.m. Platinum tour is $21.25 per person and
includes a tour of the mansion, airplane, car museum, and all estate items.
To tour only the mansion, the price is $13.75 per person. Prices are for
groups of 15 or more.
At 10am we will drive to Elvis's home, take the tour, enjoy downtown
Memphis, do lunch etc. A private parking lot has been arranged for our cars.

In the afternoon, we will return to Kirkwood and get rested and ready for a
night out on Beale St. ( Home of the Blues ) Bus transportation will be
September 15th to the 17th

Drive to Nashville and stay at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention
Center ( the 8th Wonder of
the world) Need I say more. Call 1-877-234-6779 and Book your room for
the 15th to 17th of September and tell them your with the Allante Club
group rate is 119.00 a night, This is very cheap for this hotel.

September 17th

During our stay in Nashville, we will drive to Bowling Green KY. 1 hour
away to tour the Corvette plant and museum and Cadillac XLR plant.

September 18th & 19th

We will drive to Dolly wood ( We have been told that if Dolly Parton is in
town, she will greet us) We will stay at the Music road in Call 1800-429-7700 Call and book your room
and tell them your with the Allante Club. Group rate is 109.00 a night.
Barbara and I will be staying for 2 nights, leaving Saturday morning to go
check out furniture in the Carolinas. Now I see how big our trunks really

September 20th

Well, we have to go home sometime, So what do you think? Could this be the
biggest and best Allanté meet ever? It depends on you. By the way, You do
not have to own an Allanté to be part of the meet. Family and friends are

Allanté Grand National Check List
1-Call and book room a Kirkwood's for the AAG national meet. If your going
to make a vacation out of this, and you should, book the other hotels

2-Make sure you tell you boss "I'm outta here for a week or so"

3-Send $40.00 for car registration to : Delaware Valley Allanté Group, 8
Eagle rd. Turnersville NJ. 08012

4- Time to time check out for updates

5- Please E-mail or call to let me know what hotels you booked, we need to
know who will be where.

Regards, John Monzo Home, 856-582-9243 Cell, 609-624-6518 - See
You Soon.

1993 Triple Black Allante
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Hello Allante Fans,

I sent my registration in and will be in Memphis on Saturday the 13th. Due to my wife having a wedding to attend and work committments I will only be there for the day. I hope there is a large turnout, and I get to see lots of Allantes cruising I-40 that week.

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All allante owners need to go to this....! Spread the word!!!

1993 Triple Black Allante
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Since its in Memphis, maybe Elvis will stop by. Are you out there Elvis?

Calling Elvis.......Is anybody Home?

Calling Elvis.......Can you get to the Phone?

Has Elvis left the Building, or is he driving a Prelude with a Lab and Border Collie in the back.
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