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Hi, I'm a new member from Korea!
I just introduce my car Cadillac All-New-CTS,2008 as attached picture.
Few days ago,I just took some operation on the roof of vehicle, it called "Roof Folie", kind of film.
It makes me so excitng everytimes and looks more sportive. Isn't it?;)

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Executive car

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Luxury vehicle

Automotive exterior Hood Vehicle Car Transport

Automotive exterior Vehicle Hood Car Bumper

Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Vehicle Transport Vehicle door

Automotive exterior Vehicle Car Automotive design Auto part

Vehicle Automotive exterior Hood Car Automotive design

See you in the funny papers
04 CTS-V, 05 STS, 07 SRX- All sold :(
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Matte finish.....nice. I'd like to see the whole car done. :)
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