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06 STS - 1SG AWD V8 and 94 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham
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Hello all,

I have an '06 STS and they just got me. They broke the back window and took the Nav without opening the doors so no alarm. I did some research and it looks like starting in 2007, there is a factory add on shock sensor and add on tilt sensor but nothing for 2006 and older.

Any idea on how to add something on? Maybe an after market shock/tilt sensor that turns on the dome light at the head light switch or maybe tie it into the door or trunk pin switches so the factory alarm thinks they are opening?

Has anyone done anything like that? or maybe willing to share a wiring diagram and we can figure it out? :banghead:

thanks everyone


2006 STS4 1SG with Northstar
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