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First off, either unplug it or pull the ELC (possibly ALC) fuse.

Then find the air leak and repair it.

It's an air "assisted' suspension. It does not have "air suspension"

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Can any one advise me what to do about the compressor for the rear suspension, it keeps
running. I am afraid it will damage it.

Thank You
let's not call ELC - Electronic Level Control - air suspension -

our cars have normal coil-spring suspension -


you might have a failing exhaust solenoid in the compressor -
solution is to fix or replace the compressor assembly -

new genuine GM 12494809 are available for less than $250 -


check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes -
if you don't know how - go here and read the ENTIRE post -

if you have any codes - post them here -


the air bladders built into the rear shocks could be leaking -
solution is to replace the rear shocks -


could have a leak in the air lines -
solution is to find and repair the leak -
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