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air shock replacement on 92

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Hey guys, I looked up where to find factory replacement air shocks for my '92 Brougham D'Elegance 3 years ago but have lost it. Would anyone who has been through this give some advice or share what would work just as well? I don't want the car sitting higher than its supposed to be and I like the level suspension adjustment that the air provides. Is there a cheaper way to go than factory? Where could I even get factory and not pay $400 each or something??? Mine are leaking oil.
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On my 89 I went with Monroe to keep the level ride system intact. I think you will need the Monroe MA819. You will have to buy the AK16 adapter kit as well. Bought mine from Amazon for around 60 bucks a pair. Seem to do the job OK.
Double check that Monroe number. I show MA751.

HERE are the specs on the Monroes

You can also use AC Delco 504-511.

Here is info on the Delcos

Both brands are available locally, and at
I thought it was the MA751 as well until I checked rock auto. For 92 they show the MA819.
Hmm, wonder what's different? Did you compare the specs (use the link I posted)?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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