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Air ride question.

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I have done a lot of research on my 2008 escalade air ride but I am unable to find the answer to my question.
Does anyone know if the leveling sensors on the control arms reset if power is dropped to the air ride system? Meaning if someone was to lower there esky and pull battery power, would the air ride brain think its sitting level or at normal ride height and go off its new sensor level position? My issue is i lowered the front 2.5" and the rear 5ish but after i did this the air ride wanted to jack the rear back up because my sensors saw the different suspension position. I then bent the sensor bars and also put spacers under the level sensor them elfs to lift them a 1/4 inch so the bags don't try to jack it up. Now i got it sitting perfect. I do fear that i am hurting my compressor tho because after 24 hours of sitting, the rear will lower almost on bump stops .5" - .75" and when i start it it will pump the bags up to put it back at my ride height.

In short,
Can i remove my sensor spacers and straiten my sensor bars if i pull battery power so my air ride will think and work like stock? Another reason behind this question is if my rear is lifted off the ground, I am afraid my sensors will break from the lack of travel.

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The sensors do not "learn". The only way to change what they do is to modify the arm length.

If the rear is lowering overnight, there's a leak in the system.
I was afraid there was a leak. How would I find a leak? The shocks look fine so would it be in the compressor? I think i may take out the compressor this weekend to clean it up and inspect the wiring, grounds, O rings if any and hoses.
In the morning my wheel wells are 33.75" from the ground and after i start it it goes to 34.5.
Soapy water sprayed on the air bladders and lines while the compressor is running. Bubbles indicate a leak.
windex also works great to find leaks.
probably the air bags on the shocks are leaking.
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