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Air Conditioner Blower

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Hello I am a newbie to this forum. I have a 2003 Deville and recently I have been hearing this fluttering sounding noise coming from the a/c. The higher I turn the fan up the louder the noise gets. Also if I turn the temp. to 90 the sound virtually disappears. The noise began when I turned the air on auto or pressed the recirculate button, I can't really remember, but turning either on or off again does nothing to end the noise. A/C still cools, can anyone help me with this problem? I have read somewhat similar posts but none exhibit the exact problems I am experiencing.
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Check the cabin filter to see that it is still intact. Maybe it has come apart and some of it is being sucked into the fan or possibly a rodent has taken up housekeeping in there.
Thanks Ranger just pulled the fan out and found some debri from the old cabin filter.
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