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Help - Have any Catera Owners had to replace their Airbags?? I have a 99 Catera and within 13 months I have replaced two airbags. The first was due to a minor bumber tap and the light went off and I was told the Airbag was defective (replaced Aug 2004, new one installed and then just three weeks ago the light came on and I was told by the dealer the airbag was defective ( warranty for 12/12 only by GM) Cady had no concern as to whether and or why the airbag was defective. Called NHTSA and they stated only two complaints have ever been filed against Cad for any typre of Catera problems so they can't help me.
ps I have also replaced the the engine oil cooler, and fuel tank all within last 14 months vehicle started with 44K and now has 68K. Thanks :annoyed:
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