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I picked up a low mileage 2013 yesterday (premium with hid's). I took it out for a drive last night and immediately saw the headlights were poorly aimed. The driver side was too high, and the passenger side was too low. The right way to aim headlights is a 2" drop at 25' on a flat surface. Since I live in NC, so there is almost no such thing as a flat surface, unless you have access to a shop or something. I just eyeball it and make sure I'm getting the maximum light without blinding anyone.

A couple things I did notice. Cadillac projectors suck. They are definitely the bottom of the list of hid projectors. Also the motors to control the cornering feature sound like someone is crushing rocks. Had I not read that on the forums a few days ago I would have thought something is wrong. I have been retrofitting headlights since 2004 when I bought a neon srt-4 and have done several personal vehicle since. I wont be touching these headlights, but if I had a non hid version I would gut them in a second.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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