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Aftermarket Side Vents

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I recently purchased aftermarket mesh side vents for my 07 EXT. Is there a trick to removing the existing vents. The instructions look a bit confusing. thanks in advance.
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What you have to do is push the black part in, its kind of hard, but keep pushing. Next you have to get a slim tool and pry it off. It has double sided tape on the two ends so you have to use dental floss or fishing line to clear it. Do not use metal objects it will F your vender up. I used plastic interior remover tools from those Snap on trucks. It was like 30 bucks for the whole kit. There are like three tabs on top and bottom just push in with tool and pull them off. Hope this helps.
I was about to order the E&G stainless mesh inserts (use existing vent, just replaces black plastic insert with mesh). I thought I should search the forum first though. :thumbsup:

If anybody else has done this replacement, is it a pretty easy job, as described above? Is the product the usual E&G quality, but difficult fit?

I have read very differing opinions from the Ebay sellers of the inserts - anywhere from do it yourself in 15 minutes to "get a professional" installer......

Thanks in advance for any input.

Other than JTN999, who helped me out a great deal, this post I made earlier this month was all but ignored . I went for it anyway and just got done installing the E&G mesh inserts ($60.00 including shipping from Auto

The install went fine with the correct tools being secured ahead of time. Most important "tool" was a plastic bondo/body filler scraper. Cost me .79 cents.

Looks good, easy, and inexpensive mod. If I knew how to post pics, I would. But, the point of all this is if anyone decides to try this themself, PM me and I will give you some tips to make sure it goes well and you don't damage the body or break the vents upon removal. No need to waste my time with tips if nobody else wants to do the mod. The whole install (both sides) took about 1 hour. If I had to, I could do it again in less than half the time.
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Most of the time when posts go unanswered it's because no one has done that mod yet, I do not answer threads on mods I have not done yet, don't want to give bad info. :)
That is really what I meant. Either nobody had done it and/or nobody else wanted to do it. Not really that I was ignored on purpose or in a bad way . I am not that sensitive. :crybaby: And, this forum has been so helpful to me, that I was sure if somebody has something constructive to add, they would have.

Re-reading my post, it does sound like I was implying I was "snubbed". That was not my intent. In fact, jtn999 even gave me his phone number and spoke with me (but it turned out he replaced the whole vent , not just the insert - and unfortunatly broke his old ones removing them - for this job the vents need to stay in one piece).
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