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Ok so ive been doing some research on installing an aftermarket head unit into my 06 CTs and it seems like ones options are very limited, here is what i know - please chime in:

if you go with the metra or schosce after market kits you can install any single din or double din kit if you get the wire harnesses etc etc. But you will lose DIC capabilities.

Or you can go and make mods to your existing cd player metal sleeve thats factor and jimmy rig a deck to fit into that existing slot and wire (pretty tricky) this system and your DIC to coincide.

or if your just looking for the navi kit you can try and buy a used cadi navi kit on ebay and install it into your ride, if everything is compatible.

so it seems that either way their is a give and take. if you use the kits you lose DIC capability unless somewhere here cna post how you can use a kit and still run your DIC into the aftermarket deck ( i would assume thru an auxillary line?)

or you can folllow those instructions that they guy from back east has that is super complex and involves cutting the existing sleeve.

or you can go with a stock navi system and try to make that fit into your ride (heard this is tricky too).

so either way it seems like their is no easy way to make this work completely. i have an alpine iva w505 double deck unit thats a touch screen navi etc etc but i dont want to star the process of installing until i know it can be done and i can retain the DIC controls sinc ei consider these very important.

Any insight, tips etc etc?

- Alex
[email protected]
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