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2004 Cadillac CTS
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2004 Cadillac CTS with Bose and factory Nav...

Today I finished adding a new head unit with navigation/bluetooth/backup camera. I have the factory nav and bose system, so I cut out the CD changer, and added a 2.0 DIN head unit in the empty space, keeping the old nav unit for the DIC codes and settings. I sacrificed an RCA cable to hook up to the RCA output from the new head unit to the green/green and tan/dark-green wires on the brown connector going to the factory nav. I left the brown connector unplugged, as I read somewhere on this forum (can't seem to find it again) that this is supposed to make the sound quality better, and I also added a ground loop isolator to the RCAs for noise reduction.

The front speakers play fine, but the rear speakers are at maybe 30-50% volume, and when the volume is down low, I can hear a hissing noise coming from the back. Also, the rear speakers seem to be missing almost all of their bass, while the front speaker's bass is fine. I'm not sure how well the subwoofer plays, because that's out of the car - I will be adding in my own box with 2 12" subs and amps tomorrow.

Any idea why my rear speakers are not playing well?
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