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Aftermarket Command center

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I drive a 2006 Cadillac CTS and my Navigation, DVD..."command center" is so out dated im looking for a good aftermarket "Command center" that still allows me to use the buttons on the steering wheel, or just a all around great system. I tried looking but i really dont know what im looking at.
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I just did this a month or so ago and it was a pain.

Things I lost.
- RAP for the aftermarket unit DIC stays on until door opens.
- Its not as clean as a factory install but looks great in person. (take your time on cutting yours out thats what makes or breaks it)
- Im not sure on OnStar, XM, or that stuff since I dont and have never used it.

Things I retained.
- I can fade from front to back and left to right
- I can adjust the bass treble and mids via the stock DIC like normal.
- My steering wheel 1-4 buttons are programmable as well as the volume works.
- I can use the stock radio knobs....actually I turned my aftermarket DIN all the way up and control the volume with the stock knobs and steering wheel control.
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^^^^^Raven is very correct on everything....he was actually one of the many ppl I contacted in order finish my install. I would definitely listen to all he has to offer.
Its mainly a thing of does this affect me or will not having this be ok. You have trade offs as well as pros that I feel outweigh each other. Its a personal preference for the end user.

Oh and I forgot to add that my LED's dont work on the left and right sides, which bothered me at first but doesnt anymore.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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