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Aftermarket Command center

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I drive a 2006 Cadillac CTS and my Navigation, DVD..."command center" is so out dated im looking for a good aftermarket "Command center" that still allows me to use the buttons on the steering wheel, or just a all around great system. I tried looking but i really dont know what im looking at.
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not easy ... there is a way that you can do what you want but it's a seriously custom job
some good photos of what can be done are in there
and when you get to post #11 there will be some links to tutorials

good luck and have fun

edit: also see the 'sticky' FAQ under the Alarm, Security and Audio section
i thought that those threads were the ones that had the info for how to keep the DIC ... i know at least one or two people have done it
oh ok cool... thought i might have been losing it there for a minute
No matter which method you choose, you will loose something.
what do you lose if you retain the DIC?

i thought that was the whole point of figuring out how to retain the DIC (so you don't lose anything)
Why is this so difficult?!?!
because the way things should be and the way things actually are don't line up (usually)

i totally agree with you but other interested parties (patent holders, content owners, and those with contracts to build the current line of infotainment systems) probably care more about getting their piece of the pie than innovation
very interesting (and important) info for anyone interested in this modification - and it seems that there are many interested

how to you feel about the look of these? they seem to fit very nicely

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1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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