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Cadillac Dealer-
April of 2014 I bought a CTS coupe. Since then I have had the car into the dealer about 2 times a month.

First issue A. Driver window had a wind noise. Dealer broke the window trying to align it. Not the end of the world new window was installed.
First issue B. Brought the car home and closed my driver door and heard what sounded like sand. The dealer never cleaned out the broken glass in the door. Most of the window was still in the door. It took around 4 attempts/ going back to the dealer to clean it out. I still hear it sometimes.

First issue C. They left so much glass in the door that it push out the metal of the door at the bottom , kind of like a reverse door ding lots for little dings. They fixed that.

First issue D. They ruined the door panel taking if off so many times. They ordered a replacement panel, sent me home with the new one but it did not fit right, taller then the door. 3 Panels later they had to bend it for a day to get it to fit.

Second issue A. Radio LCD has a flicker, a bad flicker. At this point I try a 2nd Cadillac dealer to fix this issue. dealer replaced the radio head unit not the screen to fix issue.

Second issue B. They replacement refurb radio doesn’t have the current 2014 gps maps I just paid $200 for, it has maps from around 2009. Dealer doesn’t know what to do at this point. Instead of updating the unit dealer replaces the radio unit again with on that comes with the correct maps.

Second issue C. Screen comes back a few weeks later, dealer replaces screen. Issue fixed.

Third issue A. Back to 1st dealer because they are closer the the 2nd dealer wasn’t any better. Driver’s seat has a bad squeak to it. Like sitting on a chipmunk. This took 4 visits to fix.

Third issue B. This is worst of them all. After fixing the frame issue for the squeak the dealer managed to break the set rail. Every time you brake the seat moves forward two –three inches then back again. Kind of like when you have manual seat and that first hard brake slides into place and you hear and feel the click. Accept mine was every slow down or brake. And power seats shouldn’t move. Plus the safety issue, if my seats is now not locking into place I am afraid of getting into a accident and the seat sliding out from under and pinning me under the dash. The dealer service manager felt it sliding issue, the mechanic felt the sliding issue, I am not joking when I say the dealer would NOT fix because they spent too much time fixing the frame issue. “just to many seat issues and we cant look at any more” I had to refuse to pick up my car for 2 weeks before I got a regional service warranty manager involved to replace the rail. Now its fixed.

Third issue C. Dealer scratched the steering wheel leather, They replaced that.

This is my first GM car, if this is GM’s best, Cadillac that is. Then I wish I stayed with Ford. I had three Fords in a row with no issues.
I had other issues with Cadillac dealers fixing my car. Just not enough time to type them out.

FYI calling the Cadillac 800 number doesn't do a thing.
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