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Anyone else get this.

Took it to Massey Caddillac of orlando last week, I think they may have changed the oil to a non-synthetic. Would this rob the engine of power or should I be worried.

Only other thing that occurred was a tire change.

0-60 time is now 7+ seconds (rough checking with stop watch)

2005 V8 44K

seemed noticeably peppier last week.

Thoughts...? Worries?
Let's do this scientifically. Calibrate your stop watch. Or you could order one of those miracle gas savings devices on ebay. Aside from increasing gas mileage by xx %, they increase engine power by an even greater percentage. I recommend that you buy the most expensive one you can find. That way, if it does not work, you can rely on cognitive dissonance. That always works!!
21 - 21 of 21 Posts