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Hello All,

I just bought a 2005 V. I have had the car a couple of weeks and I really can't stand the Bose system any longer. I've spent the last few days researching car stereo options for my V but I have not been able to find the perfect solution...

Here is what I want:

1. Keep everything looking stock (Keep the DIC).
2. Replace speakers and amps and sub.
3. Add Ipod
4. Replace XM with Sirius OR add Sirius

I can't seem to find any way of integrating the DIC with a Sirius radio or tuner. If there is a way, someone help! At this point I am considering using the JL clean sweep product as my OEM interface. This product has one RCA input switchable from a master volume attenuator. I am thinking about connecting Sirius and Ipod to an RCA switch and then run the switch RCA cables to the clean sweep product. The down side is that I would have both a Sirius radio and an Ipod in my center console (with RCA wires and cigarette lighter power wires hanging off of them).

And I still need to find a cool switch and a place to mount it!! I have attached a picture of a switch that I would like to use. Anyone know where I can find one??

I plan to use:

Front: Boston Acoustics Z6 - Boston Acoustics 6.5" Z Series Components
Back: Boston Acoustics Z6 - Boston Acoustics 6.5" Z Series Components
Subs: 3 JL Audio 10W3 V2 D6 - JL Audio 10" DVC Subwoofers
AMPS: JL Audio 1000/1 JL Audio Mono Amplifier
AMPS: JL Audio 450/4 JL Audio 4 Ch. Amplifier
OEM Connector: JL Audio CL441DSP - JL Audio CleanSweep

I wish I could find a cleaner solution than the one I have outlined. Anyone have any ideas?


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