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After market shocks

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I'm trying again.. I refuse to start replacing my electronic ride system$$$, do anyone know how to short out the electronic shock system to stop the warning light? if I replace with standard shocks. I have already removed the compressor ,stud 1 fuse and no system might be dead anyway. I'm going to disconnect the shocks (electronic plug) and see if I get a light, if not; I'm buying standard shocks for $400(4). Please help.....Trucks ride so rough now I rather be walking
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Update: I disconnected all 4 shocks today; pull the electronic plug off and I got NO warning lights and the ride didn't change either. The dealer said that I would have have a permanent warning light. Now I can buy after market shocks because my system is dead...I even bought a 12193601(5wire) relay to replace and couldn't find it, I found a 12193603(4wire) near my fuse box and it didn't have any power going to much for dealer help.
I have to agree with so called "DEALER HELP" :banghead:
More often than not, their advice is wrong. Instead of telling you I am not certain, or I will look it up, they just tell you anything.
This is not only of Caddy, but of other dealers I have dealt with in the past as well including Jeep and Dodge.

I tend to rely on my local mechanic who has been in business for 20 years.
Makes you wonder about taking your vehicle into caddy and spending 40% more for the same work, being done by a so called "professional".???
Hard to imagine seasoned caddy pros when most of the time there are "kids" working in the service dept., and never the same kid from year to year.....

Sometimes the best advice is no advice..............OR simply stating I DO NOT KNOW.
Sort of reminds me of the guy you ask for directions. We have all done it and we have all received the WRONG directions. Why didn't he/she just say I am not sure. Instead, they give you the wrong info and you waste another 20 min.

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