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Here's a quick overview. Escalade was purchased 3 years ago. A 2013 escalade esv platinum. We noticed swirl marks on one side before we purchased it. It had 2 major engine services before the first month was up. They were supposed to get the swirls out but they just made it worse. After everything was said and done they told us that we could just return it and pay the difference since they already sold our trade in. We left there in bad terms.

We ended up keeping it and living with the swirls. Fast forward to now when we need new tires. Surprise! Wheels have been welded and one has a bend. Also the front does not have the oem suspension. Now the wavyness of the paint makes sense. A Cadillac dealer told us to report it and gave us a number to call. We called it and basically Cadillac told us its not there problem and that we would have to get it checked out on our dime and pay for it. I forgot to mention, this is also a certified preowned Cadillac.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

If you're wondering why it took so long to complain, we had no reason to look at wheels because we just now needed to replace them.

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Sorry to hear that GM isnt being professional here.

So basically you are screwed?

My car 2014 CTS, is also under CPO still..

I have been fighting with my dealer for almost 2 years over the same issue.. have brought my car there no less than 6 times..

In the end.. I get a service history report.. that sheds light, that the previous had the same issues (and created it by 'hitting a pothole')..

They never shared that with me.. nor did they seem to remember when I brought the car in the last 6 times for the same issue..

Now they are saying my rims are bent, and they could care less.

I hoping something comes to light.. or I will need to get a lawyer (fun)

good luck
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