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Advice selling my 98 Sts

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I was wondering how much I can get for my 98 Cadillac Sts? It has tinted windows 5%, 2 Power Acoustik headrest 7" tvs, Radar detector (new whistler), Flowmaster exhaust, new plugs & wires, radiator fluid drained and replaced, drained power steering and replaced, transmission inspected, new faulkin tires w/ road protection to be aligned again this week, of course oil every 3k, only shell v-power. The car has 85,000 on the odometer, the car has every option except the woodgrain steering wheel and shifter (I have a steering wheel from a 2003, needs a airbag of ebay), 6 cd & minidisc, chrome package, sunroof, the color is Blk/Blk. As everyone knows its the 300hp with the sport shift its pretty quick. I love this car but after driving this for a while I think I want a sports car. No codes on the On Board Diagnostic as of this morning. I get complements on this car from people I dont even know! I know kbb says 9k but I see others on autotrader/ for 11,000 to 12 with more miles! I am just looking for a ball park figure of how much to ask!? Thanks Eric
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I don't know your market at all, and I've found large discrepencies in KBB and Edmunds in the past. I'd say check the local papers to see what other are asking for the car. Look at some dealer lots to get an idea as well. Make sure the car ALWAYS looks as close to showroom condition as possible - inside and out. I live in Central Ohio, and from the description you gave, I'd expect the car to sell here in the high 8's to low 9's most likely. Another good tool is to log onto EBay and see what cars similar to yours are selling for. Click the 'watch this auction' button, and check back after the auction ends to see what it sold for. Asking prices mean nothing - selling prices set actual value. Good luck.
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