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advice... please

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well, pulled my 97 devilles 4.6 with a blown headgasket today, took about 6 hours, hopefully reinstallation will go smoother but i was wondering if i could get some professional advice on wether i should get the headgasket fixed and the block time-serted or should i get one of them reman. ebay motors with the 36 month warranty? my motor has 135k on it....would it be possible to time sert myself? just looking for some advice, thanks
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Well, if youre doing the work yourself, it may be more cost effective to just make the necessary repairs.

If it were me though, Id go reman all the way.
135K is nothing. Once Timeserted and the gaskets are replaced it should be good for another 200K. If you can pull the engine, I would guess that you can Timesert it.
If you don't timesert it, you may as well just put the engine back in. Chances are it blew the hg because some of the head bolts backed out and ruined the threads in the block. The kit is a little expensive, but unless you wana have the same problem in the future, its worth it.
Time sert...

This was me 2 years ago.. 135 000 miles and 97 deville with a blown H G..

I time serted and never looked back..

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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