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Advice on 2009 CPO Platinum

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Hello all. Looking to get some advice on possible things of concern to look for in this truck. I found a 2009 ESV Platinum (C.P.O) with ~37k on it. Flying down next weekend to look at it and likely purchase the vehicle. Any items I need to be concerned about? Also any upgrades i should consider doing if all checks out? Thanks.
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I'm in a similar situation as Wood 13, thanks for your feedback Chris. I will be looking for those issues.

Does anyone else have common concerns we should consider?

One thing to look for are the front struts to be leaking. Outer door handles also for pulling away from the doors. And check outside window moldings for fading or peeling. Good luck on your purchase.
You're very thorough Nice, thanks!!!! I will check every single item you mentioned. I hear you Toygar; yes it is under warranty, we now have specifics of what to look for from actual owners. Good looking out everyone!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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