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Hey everyone! New guy here. While I am a fan of Caddies, I am more of a Escalade/Truck person than car. That said, my budget does not quite allow for that taste as of yet. Some day...

I could really use your educated opinions. My question is on behalf of my less than computer literate mother across the country away from me. I'm in NY and she's in AZ.

She has an '02 Collector's ed. ETC w/38,000 miles and is looking to sell it outright. It is something like #495 in white. She has had a really hard time getting an accurate starting price. Blue Book and Edmunds do not quite consider the collector's edition in their figures, so I'm at a loss as to where to help her start.

If any of you guys could help with a starting point, it would help a lot. I have been on cars Dot com and found several from dealers, but they do not seem to be collector's eds. Were there other ETC's that were not collector eds?

Again, all of your opinions are appreciated.


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