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Adding XM to a '04 SRX

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Hi Group,

I am hoping to find someone here that can answer some questions about adding XM Radio to my 2004 SRX with Denso navigation radio set up.

I know that it was an option on the '04's. Mine does not have the code (U2K). I did some digging and found out that it does have the digital radio receiver installed from the factory.

My question is, can I activate this and make it work? I have a Tech II scanner and some basic instructions but when I get started the scanner says that there is no communication with the DRR. Is this because there is a problem, or because it is not activated yet?

Also, when I get to the screen to activate the DRR, when trying to complete the process I get the no communication thing again.

I purchased the Turk add on kit from a seller on ebay, but it is not compatable with this radio. I have not been able to find anyone that makes a XM direct add on. If you know of someon who does, I would be interested in that also.

If someone has any information it would be greatly appreciated if you could pass it along.


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I do hope you get a response on this. I just purchased an '04 SRX and have the exact same dilemma. If it is in-fact doable (and I hope someone can describe in detail), I would then want to install an XM to Sirius converter (see link) as I have Sirius in my other vehicle and prefer the programming (such as NFL).

I hope there are folks out there that can assist us with this!!!!

Yes you can add xm or sirius to the 04. First off SRX-GBMI you do not have the digital radio receiver because it is not communicating with the radio. The receiver will be located in the left rear quarter panel which I will guarantee you is not there. In order to add xm or sirius to your existing car you need to add pins to the radio and you should be good to go. There are only 3 pins to add and the radio. The power and ground and serial data connections can be tapped to existing wiring behind the radio. If you have the Nav radio it is a bit tougher but easily done.

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