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Adding coolant pellets to engine?

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If I add the coolant pellets to my upper radiator hose on my 4.9 do I have to crush them up or can I just drop them in and top off any coolant I might lose?
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I have always broken them avoid plugging(?) anything up.
Don't really know why.

Put them in the hose and fill with a 50/50 mixture of "the green stuff" and distilled water.
Top off in the surge tank if needed.

Post back your results.
You can just place them in the hose, they will disolve rather quickly.
Like Kev said they will fall apart very quickly when wet. On the 4.9 you can just stuff them down the radiator neck. If they don't fit, then crush or break them up a bit. The only reason for crushing them is because they may make contact with the trans cooler line in the radiator side tank and prevent you from pushing any more in there.
So ranger I can just put them in the raiator neck,by neck you mean where the raiator cap is right? Just take the cap off and put them in?
Yup, you got it. Like I said, if you can't get them all in, either break 'em up or cap it up and run it with what you can get in there. Add what is left tomorrow.
If you put them in to the radiator neck you (I did this) can disolve them in a cup of water first and then pour the spooge right down in there. Just be sure to get them directly into the cooling system, either radiator or hose, NOT in the overflow tank.
Thanks guys and kev yeah I'll be sure to put them in the radiator not the surge tank.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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