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if you lived near me i could hook you up. ive been installing professionaly for over 8 years. if space is an issue do a spare tire enclosure. or a small sealed enclosure, right around .75 cu. ft. most decent 10's dont need more than that to get moving. take it from someone hitting 166 db out of 2 15"'s. its all in your enclosure design. if you are good at making them and can afford to use some extra space, go with a ported or vented one. stay away from bandpass. ive had everything from 2 15's and 2 10's, 4 12's and 8 12's and now im at 2 15's in my 88 eldorado. they will all be more than exceptional given the right circumstances. and questions feel free to email. good luck.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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