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dpower your system totally rocks

Only thing I would have done different is used some cerwin vega -
vega series dvc 12's (like I have in my 1990 eldorado) They are ridiculous in output and have peak 1.6 inches of excursion and are the cleanest deepest subwoofer you can get for the price (got mine for $65 each brand new in box eson ebay! usually go for around 99$ used to be like $199 when the came out) , they have such a fast response and very high damping rating because the cones are made of kevlar and wood pulp, very light and strong...also they are super accurate and a "drum" sounds like a real drum and digital bass is just crushing with these subs...maybe enlarge your openings and upgrade? other than that your system is unbelievable! Its definitely a winner, must sound awesome!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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