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I doubt it'll bring the back-end down any. The car should have an automatic level control system which will keep the car looking straight all-around.. I guess it COULD wear out the system quicker than usual, though. I doubt you'd notice any difference in quality of ride. I'm not 100% positive, though - so someone else may have a better answer...

Are you sure you need a better system in that car? It should come with something pretty nice and loud as it is.. Maybe consider going with one free-air subwoofer. I know Kicker makes some good ones.. Maybe one 12" or 15" instead of two in an enclosed box. This will save you a lot of weight AND space in your trunk. AND you wont need as powerful an amp. I bet it would sound pretty close as well... You don't need to have bass in stereo...

Come to think of it - even one SAS bass tube with the amp inside would do a nice job... Consider that...
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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