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'05 CTS-V
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It's the full corsa system I cut off the single tips an cut out excess that was needed to fit.. sound clip I'll need advice how to load it on here..
So what actual tips did you use? Those look like a good size - not too big, not too small.

As for the sound clip, there's a site called Youtube that you can upload to, then post a link here. :)

Some of the early (2005) CORSA catbacks came with the polished quads - my 2002 - installed in '06
Not sure what "early" has to do with it - there are still Corsa exhausts that come with quad tips, and there always have been, just depends on the vehicle. If they had quad tips already (some Camaros, Vettes, etc), or can fit them without chopping body parts (pick-ups or SUVs), for instance. Your STS's rear bumper was already designed to fit quad tips since it came that way from the factory; would've looked very strange if Corsa had gone to just a single tip on either side.
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