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Caliper covers are well known products and lots of times they were discussed on forums. For those of you who meet brake caliper covers for the first time
we'll briefly describe what this product is, how does it work and why would one need it.

If a vehicle is equipped with large rims with thin spokes, brake calipers are often exposed. They are often covered with dust and don't always look well.
Caliper covers are designed to dress up your brakes a little and give them a custom touch. It is a style element that came to the market from the auto sport,
recreating the look and style of real performance brakes such as Brembo or Wilwood.

If you don't really need that serious performance of the sport brakes and simply want your car to look nice, then a set of custom calipers may be a good option.
The covers are made of the highest grade aluminum and designed to perform better than your stock ones. Not long time ago the MGP company renew their lineup of
custom caliper covers and now they are available for your 2014 Cadillac ATS also.

MGP caliper covers are available in multiple colors, and they can even make them the same shade as the paint on your car or truck if you supply the paint code.

Check out these covers and add a bit of color to your ride:

Read more about the manufacturer here:
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