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Adaptive Cruise Control

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When the adaptive cruise control activates because the vehicle in front slows down, do the brake lights come on to notify the vehicle behind ????

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I always ASSUMED that the brake lights went on. If they don't, that's a serious hazard.

But on the subject of ACC, it took me a while to get used to. I find that at even the most generous, lane distance setting, the ACC is a more aggressive and jerky driver than me. It waits about 2 seconds longer to start braking than I would do on my own. And toward the end of a stop (because of a stop light and car in front of me, say) it has to really dial down to bring the car to a halt. And then it edges a foot or two closer to the car in front (when coming to a full stop) than I would do on my own.

It's taken a while to trust that it's actually going to get the job done. It just drives more aggressively than I am accustomed to. I pride myself on providing a very smooth, jerk free ride for my passenger wife ... I think out on the interstate for long drives, though, the ACC would be a real dream. Haven't tested that yet.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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