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OK all you Texas V's
I've been talking with Adam of
....who's making now some VERY cool suspension parts for our V1's
I understand Adam will be driving his V down and will be bring some parts to show and possible sell too.

Adam is coming to North Dallas area specificly Lewisville, TX the week of Monday March 29th thru Friday April 2nd. I'm racing on Sat Apr 3rd @ECR

I want to setup a V meet the week he's here in North Dallas area.
Adam suggested was Friday nite...that's good for me.

Who's open for a Friday nite V meet?
locations?.....I'm talking to one shop in Lewisville...need to firm the date.
If not we can pick a restaurant, I dont know the restaurants very well in the Lewisville area...

First, who interested in a V meet with Adam?

post here and I'll repost a location once we see the number of V interested.

[email protected]
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