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A Ampere(s)
ABS Antilock Brake System
A/C Air Conditioning
AC Alternating Current
ACC Accessory, Automatic Climate Control
ACL Air Cleaner
ACR4 Air Conditioning Refrigerant, Recovery, Recycling, Recharging
AD Automatic Disconnect
A/D Analog to Digital
ADL Automatic Door Lock
A/F Air/Fuel Ratio
AGM Absorption Glass Mat
AH Active Handling
AIR Secondary Air Injection aka Air Injection Reactor
ALC Automatic Level Control, Automatic Lamp Control
ALDL Assembly Line Data Link.
AM/FM Amplitude Modulation/Frequency Modulation
Ant Antenna
AP Accelerator Pedal
APCM Accessory Power Control Module
API American Petroleum Institute
APP Accelerator Pedal Position
APT Adjustable Part Throttle
ASM Assembly, Accelerator and Servo Control Module
ASR Acceleration Slip Regulation
A/T Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
ATC Automatic Transfer Case, Automatic Temperature Control
ATDC After Top Dead Center
ATSLC Automatic Transmission Shift Lock Control
Auto Automatic
avg Average
A4WD Automatic Four-Wheel Drive
AWG American Wire Gage

B+ Battery Positive Voltage
BARO Barometric Pressure
BATT Battery
BBL Barrel
BBV Brake Booster Vacuum
BCA Bias Control Assembly
BCM Body Control Module
BHP Brake Horsepower
BLK Black
BLU Blue
BP Back Pressure
BPCM Battery Pack Control Module
BPMV Brake Pressure Modulator Valve
BPP Brake Pedal Position
BRN Brown
BTDC Before Top Dead Center
BTM Battery Thermal Module
BTSI Brake Transmission Shift Interlock
Btu British Thermal Units

°C Degrees Celsius
CAC Charge Air Cooler
CAFE Corporate Average Fuel Economy
CAN Controller Area Network
Cal Calibration
Cam Camshaft
CARB California Air Resources Board
CC Coast Clutch
cm³ Cubic Centimeters
CCM Convenience Charge Module, Chassis Control Module
CCOT Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube
CCP Climate Control Panel
CD Compact Disc
CE Commutator End
CEAB Cold Engine Air Bleed
CEL - Check Engine Light
CEMF Counter Electromotive Force
CEX Cabin Exchanger
cfm Cubic Feet per Minute
cg Center of Gravity
CID Cubic Inch Displacement
CKP CranKshaft Position sensor
CKT Circuit
C/Ltr Cigar Lighter
CL Closed Loop
CLS Coolant Level Switch
CMC Compressor Motor Controller
CMP CaMshaft Position (sensor)
CNG Compressed Natural Gas
CO Carbon Monoxide
CO2 Carbon Dioxide
Coax Coaxial
COMM Communication
Conn Connector
CPA Connector Position Assurance
CPP Clutch Pedal Position
CPS Central Power Supply
CPU Central Processing Unit
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
CRTC Cathode Ray Tube Controller
CS Charging System
CSFI Central Sequential Fuel Injection
CTP Closed Throttle Position
cu ft Cubic Foot/Feet
cu in Cubic Inch/Inches
CV Constant Velocity Joint
CVRSS Continuously Variable Road Sensing Suspension
CVT Continuously Variable Transmission
Cyl Cylinder(s)

DAB Delayed Accessory Bus
dB Decibels
dBA Decibels on A-weighted Scale
DC Direct Current, Duty Cycle
DCM Door Control Module
DE Drive End
DEC Digital Electronic Controller
DERM Diagnostic Energy Reserve Module
DHS Deville High luxury Sedan
DI Distributor Ignition
dia Diameter
DIC Driver Information Center
Diff Differential
DIM Dash Integration Module
DK Dark
DLC Data Link Connector
DMCM Drive Motor Control Module
DMM Digital Multimeter
DMSDS Drive Motor Speed and Direction Sensor
DMU Drive Motor Unit
DoD Displacement on Demand
DOHC Dual Overhead Camshafts
DPM Driver Position Module
DR, Drvr; Driver
DRL Daytime Running Lamps
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code
DTS Deville Touring Sedan

EBCM Electronic Brake Control Module
EBTCM Electronic Brake and Traction Control Module
EC Electrical Center, Engine Control
ECC Electronic Climate Control
ECI Extended Compressor at Idle
ECL Engine Coolant Level
ECM Engine Control Module, Electronic Control Module
ECS Emission Control System
ECT Engine Coolant Temperature
ECU Electronic Control Unit
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EEVIR Evaporator Equalized Values in Receiver
EFE Early Fuel Evaporation
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGR TVV Exhaust Gas Recirculation Thermal Vacuum Valve
EHPS Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering
EI Electronic Ignition
ELAP Elapsed
ELC Electronic Level Control
E/M English/Metric
EMF Electromotive Force
EMI Electromagnetic Interference
Eng Engine
EOP Engine Oil Pressure
EOT Engine Oil Temperature
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPR Exhaust Pressure Regulator
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
ESB Expansion Spring Brake
ESC Electronic Suspension Control
ESD Electrostatic Discharge
ESN Electronic Serial Number
ETC Electronic Throttle Control, Electronic Temperature Control, Electronic Timing Control
ETCC Electronic Touch Climate Control
ETR Electronically Tuned Receiver
ETS Enhanced Traction System
EVAP Evaporative Emission
EVO Electronic Variable Orifice
Exh Exhaust

°F Degrees Fahrenheit
FC Fan Control
FDC Fuel Data Center
FED Federal All United States except California
FEDS Fuel Enable Data Stream
FEX Front Exchanger
FF Flexible Fuel
FFH Fuel-Fired Heater
FI Fuel Injection
FMVSS Federal U.S. Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
FP Fuel Pump
FPR Fuel Pressure Regulator
FSM obsolete term for Factory Service Manual
ft Foot/Feet
ft/lb Foot Pound
FT Fuel Trim
F4WD Full Time Four-Wheel Drive
4WAL Four-Wheel Antilock
4WD Four-Wheel Drive
FW Flat Wire
FWD Front Wheel Drive, Forward

g Grams, Gravitational Acceleration
GA Gage, Gauge
gal Gallon
gas Gasoline
GCW Gross Combination Weight
Gen Generator
GL Gear Lubricant
GM General Motors
GMLAN General Motors Local Area Network
GM SPO General Motors Service Parts Operations
gnd Ground
gpm Gallons per Minute
GRN Green
GRY Gray
GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

H Hydrogen
H2O Water
H2S Hydrogen Sulfide
Harn Harness
HC Hydrocarbons
H/CMPR High Compression
HD Heavy Duty
HDC Heavy Duty Cooling
hex Hexagon, Hexadecimal
Hg Mercury
HG Head Gasket
Hi Alt High Altitude
HO2S Heated Oxygen Sensor
hp Horsepower
HPL High Pressure Liquid
HPS High Performance System
HPV High Pressure Vapor
HPVS Heat Pump Ventilation System
Htd Heated
HTR Heater
HUD Head-up Display
HVAC Heater-Ventilation-Air Conditioning
HVACM Heater-Vent-Air Conditioning Module
HVIL High Voltage Interlock Loop
HVM Heater Vent Module
Hz Hertz

IAC Idle Air Control
IAT Intake Air Temperature
IC Integrated Circuit, Ignition Control
ICCS Integrated Chassis Control System
ICM Ignition Control Module
ID Identification, Inside Diameter
IDI Integrated Direct Ignition
IGBT Insulated Gate Bi-Polar Transistor
ign Ignition
ILC Idle Load Compensator
in Inch/Inches
INJ Injection
inst Instantaneous, Instant
IP Instrument Panel
IPC Instrument Panel Cluster
IPM Instrument Panel Module
I/PEC Instrument Panel Electrical Center
IRC Integrated Radio Control (module)
ISC Idle Speed Control
ISO International Standards Organization
ISS Input Speed Shaft, Input Shaft Speed
ISS (FWD Cadillac) also used for Intermediate Steering Shaft

KAM Keep Alive Memory
KDD Keyboard Display Driver
kg Kilogram
kHz Kilohertz
km Kilometer
km/h Kilometers per Hour
km/l Kilometers per Liter
KOEO Key On Engine Off
kPa Kilopascals
KS Knock Sensor
kV Kilovolts

L Liter
L4 Four Cylinder Engine, In-Line
L6 Six-Cylinder Engine, In-Line
lb Pound
lb ft Pound Feet Torque
lb in Pound Inch Torque
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LDCL Left Door Closed Locking
LDCM Left Door Control Module
LDM Lamp Driver Module
LED Light Emitting Diode
LEV Low Emissions Vehicle
LF Left Front
lm Lumens
LR Left Rear
LT Left
LT Light
LT Long Term
LTPI Low Tire Pressure Indicator
LTPWS Low Tire Pressure Warning System
LWB Long Wheel Base

MAF Mass Air Flow
Man Manual
MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure
MAT Manifold Absolute Temperature
max Maximum
M/C Mixture Control
MDP Manifold Differential Pressure
MFI Multiport Fuel Injection
mi Miles
MIL Malfunction Indicator Lamp
min Minimum
MIN Mobile Identification Number
mL Milliliter
mm Millimeter
mpg Miles per Gallon
mph Miles per Hour
ms Millisecond
MST Manifold Surface Temperature
MSVA Magnetic Steering Variable Assist, Magnasteer®
M/T Manual Transmission/Transaxle
MV Megavolt
mV Millivolt
MY Model Year

NA Normally Aspirated (not super- or turbo charged)
NAES North American Export Sales
NC Normally Closed
NEG Negative
Neu Neutral
NI Neutral Idle
NiMH Nickel Metal Hydride
NLGI National Lubricating Grease Institute
N•m Newton-meter Torque
NO Normally Open
NOx Oxides of Nitrogen
NPTC National Pipe Thread Coarse
NPTF National Pipe Thread Fine
NOVRAM Non-Volatile Random Access Memory

O2 Oxygen
O2S Oxygen Sensor
OBD On-Board Diagnostics
OBD II On-Board Diagnostics Second Generation
OC Oxidation Converter Catalytic
OCS Opportunity Charge Station
OD Outside Diameter
ODM Output Drive Module
ODO Odometer
OE Original Equipment
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OHC Overhead Camshaft
ohms Ohm
OL Open Loop, Out of Limits
ORC Oxidation Reduction Converter Catalytic
ORN Orange
ORVR On-Board Refueling Vapor Recovery
OSS Output Shaft Speed
oz Ounce(s)

PAG Polyalkylene Glycol
PAIR Pulsed Secondary Air Injection
PAS Performance Algorithm Shifting
PASS, PSGR Passenger
PASS-Key® Personalized Automotive Security System
P/B Power Brakes
PC Pressure Control
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCM Powertrain Control Module
PCS Pressure Control Solenoid
PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PEB Power Electronics Bay
PID Parameter Identification
PIM Power Inverter Module
PM Permanent Magnet Generator
P/N Part Number
PNK Pink
PNP Park/Neutral Position
PRNDL Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Low
POA Pilot Operated Absolute Valve
POS Positive, Position
POT Potentiometer Variable Resistor
PPL Purple
ppm Parts per Million
PROM Programmable Read Only Memory
P/S, PS Power Steering
PSCM Power Steering Control Module, Passenger Seat Control Module
PSD Power Sliding Door
PSP Power Steering Pressure
psi Pounds per Square Inch
psia Pounds per Square Inch Absolute
psig Pounds per Square Inch Gauge
pt Pint
PTC Positive Temperature Coefficient
PWM Pulse Width Modulated

QDM Quad Driver Module
qt Quart(s)

R-12 Refrigerant-12
R-134a Refrigerant-134a
RAM Random Access Memory, Non-permanent memory device, memory contents are lost when power is removed.
RAP Retained Accessory Power
RAV Remote Activation Verification
RCDLR Remote Control Door Lock Receiver
RDCM Right Door Control Module
Ref Reference
Rev Reverse
REX Rear Exchanger
RIM Rear Integration Module
RF Right Front, Radio Frequency
RFA Remote Function Actuation
RFI Radio Frequency Interference
RH Right Hand
RKE Remote Keyless Entry
Rly Relay
ROM Read Only Memory, Permanent memory device, memory contents are retained when power is removed.
RPM Revolutions per Minute Engine Speed
RPO Regular Production Option
RR Right Rear
RSS Road Sensing Suspension
RTD Real Time Damping
RT Right
RTV Room Temperature Vulcanizing Sealer
RWAL Rear Wheel Antilock
RWD Rear Wheel Drive

s Second(s)
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
SC Supercharger
SCB Supercharger Bypass
SCIP SuperCharger Inlet Pressure
SCM Seat Control Module
SDM Sensing and Diagnostic Module
SEO Special Equipment Option
SES Service Engine Soon warning light or icon
SFI Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection
SI System International Modern Version of Metric System
SIAB Side Impact Air Bag
SIDI Spark Ignition Direct Injection
SIR Supplemental Inflatable Restraint
SLA Short/Long Arm Suspension
sol Solenoid
SO2 Sulfur Dioxide
SP Splice Pack
S/P Series/Parallel
SPO Service Parts Operations
SPS Service Programming System, Speed Signal
sq ft, ft² Square Foot/Feet
sq in, in² Square Inch/Inches
SRC Service Ride Control
SRI Service Reminder Indicator
SRS Supplemental Restraint System
SS Shift Solenoid
ST Scan Tool
STID Station Identification Station ID
S4WD Selectable Four-Wheel Drive
Sw Switch
SWB Short Wheel Base
SWPS Steering Wheel Position Sensor
syn Synchronizer

TAC Throttle Actuator Control
Tach Tachometer
TAP Transmission Adaptive Pressure, Throttle Adaptive Pressure
TBI Throttle Body Fuel Injection
TC Turbocharger, Transmission Control, Traction Control
TCC Torque Converter Clutch
TCM Transmission Control Module
TCS Traction Control System
TDC Top Dead Center
TEMP Temperature
Term Terminal
TFP Transmission Fluid Pressure
TFT Transmission Fluid Temperature
THM Turbo Hydro-Matic
TIM Tire Inflation Monitoring, Tire Inflation Module
TMAP Temperature and Manifold Absolute Pressure
TOC Transmission Oil Cooler
TP Throttle Position
TPA Terminal Positive Assurance
TPM Tire Pressure Monitoring, Tire Pressure Monitor
TR Transmission Range
TRANS Transmission/Transaxle
TT Tell Tail Warning Lamp
TV Throttle Valve
TVRS Television and Radio Suppression
TVV Thermal Vacuum Valve
TWC Three Way Converter Catalytic
TWC+OC Three Way + Oxidation Converter Catalytic
TXV Thermal Expansion Valve

UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
U/H Underhood
U/HEC Underhood Electrical Center
U-joint Universal Joint
UTD Universal Theft Deterrent
UV Ultraviolet

V Volt(s), Voltage
V6 Six-Cylinder Engine, V-Type
V8 Eight-Cylinder Engine, V-Type
Vac Vacuum
VAC Vehicle Access Code
VATS Vehicle Anti-Theft System
VCIM Vehicle Communication Interface Mode
VCM Vehicle Control Module
VCV Vacuum Check Valve - one way depending on color side
V dif Voltage Difference
VDOT Variable Displacement Orifice Tube
VDV Vacuum Delay Valve
vel Velocity
VES Variable Effort Steering
VF Vacuum Fluorescent
VIO Violet
VIN Vehicle Identification Number
VLR Voltage Loop Reserve
VMV Vacuum Modulator Valve
VR Voltage Regulator
V ref Voltage Reference
VSES Vehicle Stability Enhancement System
VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor
VVT Variable Valve Timing

w/ With
W/B Wheel Base
WHL Wheel
WHT White
w/o Without
WOT Wide Open Throttle
W/P Water Pump
W/S Windshield
WSS Wheel Speed Sensor
WU-OC Warm Up Oxidation Converter Catalytic
WU-TWC Warm Up Three-Way Converter Catalytic

X-valve Expansion Valve

yd Yard(s)
YEL Yellow
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