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Ack! Lights Out!

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I'm new here, but I DID do a search before posting (and didnt find anything helpful). Sooo....

I have a 96 Catera. Last night I leave work (in the dark) and I notice my foglights, yellow sidelights, etc came on....but my low beam headlights DIDNT. High Beams worked, low didnt.

" Both went out at once!? " I thought. Seems its more likely a FUSE is blown. I know where my fuse box is, but dunno which fuse it might be. So I looked in the box and most of the fuses are the square/fat type, and I cant tell if they're blown or not (they arent 'see thru').

Granted, I'm definately not a mechanic by any means, I wanted to see if I could fix it myself (with some help from you guys, of course :) ) - before sending her off to the mechanic.

thanks, i'll owe you my firstborn! :D
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Im no mechanic either but some things that i would check would be all the fuses, the switch. see if you can see any condinsation built up in the lights that could have caused a short. finally replace both lights it will give you an excuse to upgrade to better brighter lights. other than that you need someone with more knowledge sorry.
Seifer said:
Yeah, thats just the thing. These odd size/shaped fuses - I cant tell if one went bad or not. It also appears replacing the bulb will be a pain in the butt! :(
To change the bulbs it really isn't that much of a pain. It is time consuming though. If you do deciede to do it make sure you don't touch the adjustmen screws for the angle of the light b/c you don't want to be driving around with lights that point in the wrong direction. If i can remember correctly all you have to do is go from the back and twist off the hosuing for the bulb.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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