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Acceptable voltage & Turn Sig. Prob.

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This is a follow-up that I hope helps members with the same prob.
After two years of trying everything to correct turn sig. that sometimes would work and not other times.
All of the Moderators, Ranger, Submariner, and others felt that it was grounding problem, but where?
In the FSM in the ground scematics, there are two ground connections that cover the turn sig, TS flasher, and TS switches. These are located on the passanger side RH foot panel, "you can pull the carpet and insulation from behind the molding enough to see them. These looked factory fresh, no rust etc. Removed and relaced with the same fastner, with star washers to really etch in to the metal. THE TS HAVE WORKED WITHOUT A PROBLEM.
Thanks guys for all your time, I hope this may save work and time for others.
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