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Ac Problems

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when im driving it is blowing hot air out by the floor on mainly the driver side..and when i put the ac on it blows really hot and then cold for a sec and then gets really hot again and on and off..could it be a bad heater core or a bad exaporator or what?
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could it possibly be the heater air control valve or a torn or crushed vacuum line going to the dash or something like that? plllzzzz help:(
thats the first thing i did. the pressure is perfect, its at 40 lbs. the compressor isnt cycling or anything its staying on the whole time..
i dont know ill have to check that
i think it might be a trap door problem or something maybe caused by a cracked vacuum line...the system has never had a problem and is same as when it came from the factory..
i found it, somehow the vacuum line under the passenger side by the kick panel was split a little bit, i taped it for now, its a real small line, anyway to repair it so it dosent leak?
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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