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Hello fellow XTS drivers.....
Just a few questions if anyone can chime in, that would be greatly appreciated.

I have a 2015 XTS that is on its second battery. The dealer replaced the original exactly a year ago in Sept of 2018. So it lasted 3 years- not to shabby. The new battery is an ACDelco Pro with model number 48HPG. Fast forward to 2 days ago (Sept 2019) I get in the car to head to work and it won't start..... so I hooked it up to the battery tender and headed to work with the wife's car. Later on that evening after work I check on it- (only 6 hours later) and its still charging, no biggie so I left it to do its thing overnight. Long story short- after 2 days on the tender it hasn't even reached an 80 percent charge. I decide to jump it- checked the alternator for continuity @ around 14.5 volts and let it run for 10 mins or so to charge. Shut it down and tried to restart- and nothing. Verdict is I need a new battery----

question- Does the XTS require an AGM battery, or will a normal one be ok? The label on the battery states- "This battery is NOT designed for AGM applications. Use of the wrong battery in a vehicle will void the battery warranty"

question- The dealer replaced the original battery and I plan on installing the new one but the electrical box thing on the + terminal looks intimidating.....Does anyone have any tips or tricks on removing the battery?? Is there a way to remove the battery without losing power?? Im not to familiar with the battery tender- Should it be on AGM/FLOODED mode or LITHIUM mode?

question- Is the ACDelco model number 48HPG an AGM battery? Im looking to replace with an Optima yellow top....What are your thoughts on those? or stick with the Delco?

Appreciate the help, Thanks!!

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1. The XTS does not require an AGM battery.
2. I had to replace my battery the first weekend I owned the car (failed after sitting on the lot for awhile). Nothing intimidating about removal / replacement. Just a few extra parts to remove / reinstall.
3. Your Battery Tender should be set to AGM/Flooded charge mode.
4. The ACDelco 48HPG is a lead-acid battery.

You can replace your battery with any compatible battery; it basically boils down to how much you want to spend. I replaced mine with the stock ACDelco four years ago and have never had an issue with it.

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