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AC Compressor Noise

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Hi all,

Just a quick question/survey for all 2001/2002 owners. Can you hear your AC compressor kick in when you turn the AC on? On all my previous cars(not Caddy) I always could. But on my previous 02 Base Deville, it was inaudible even when the AC was maxed out and I had my head under the hood listening. I know it was working as cold air was blowing in the car. My present '01 DTS is the same way. Because I bought it in the winter I was unsure about the AC working due to the quiet compressor. It is still cool up here in Canada, but I am concerned that I will get stuck without AC this summer and wanted to get a head start on any repairs that may be needed. Is there any sort of visual check I can make on the unit to ensure it is working?

Thanks in advance.
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The AC compressor will not function when the ambient temp is under 60dgF.
I should have typed 50dgF, not 60dgF. The ambient temp t-stat should not close the electrical circuit in cold temps to protect the internals of the compressor. The control is needed due to poor oil circulation in cold ambient temps, but also gaskets/seals/reed valves being cold. The sensor will delay compressor operation until it senses the ambient temp it is set for.
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