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AC compressor clutch kicks but dies

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I have a 1997 that is going under the knife for oil cooler replacement. The only other issue I have is the A/C not working.

I checked the coolant levels of R-134 or 124 what ever the refrigerant is named and the meter read zero. I turned on the car put the ac on and filled up the system and all of sudden the clutch kicked and the car was blowing ice cold air for the first time in a long time. I parked the car overnight and now the coolant blows hot and the system is empty again how can I find the leak?
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for a big leak which you have, look for a residue of oil, or put a can of 134 in with the dye in it, in Autozone you can pick up a black light and the glasses to search out the leak. It works. If I had to guess (assuming the condensors not been hit) you probebly have a front compressor seal leaking, look for oil there, the rings that also seal the compressor halfs over time start to leak also.
Buy some flourescent a/c leak detector dye at the auto store, refill your system with freon and a shot of the dye. It will also help a lot if your also buy a blacklight (like a penlight) at the same time. They cost about 7 bucks and they're also with the a/c supplies. Run the a/c and let everything circulate. Then look for the leak. It's best to use the light at night, when it's dark. The light will make the dye show up like a sore thumb. If you're lucky, it will just be a fitting that needs tightening, or even a worn-out shraeder valve (where you put in the freon). Or it may be leaking from the compressor seal itself, in that case it will be more trouble to fix. Good luck!
Sorry frank, I must have been typing my answer at the same time you But we both confirm it!
Thank you for the excellent feedback. I will try the leak kit and grab a black light bulb and take a look. I am hoping a line is loose. I will let the forum know what I find and take a photo or two of the leak.
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