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ac comp.clutch shattered

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2005srx v6-noise, burning smell blah blah... bearing went out and basically trashed the clutch assy. so now what??? packd the old bearing and area where the clutch"was"with lots and lots of grease and my t-shirt,wich i shredded and wrapped around the back side of the pullyto hold in the grese andkeep the clutch assy. from rattling and trashing anything worked. i was just over 100 miles from home and it got me there. anyway,i replaced the bearing but while doing so i noticed acouple of wires that were seperated and or broken on the windings behind the assy. while doing the bearing.bearing is good but i have to order the clutch assembly .question is... will the compressor and or clutches still work with the broken wires on the whindings? theres just 2 or 3 of the wires out of place and or broken. will this cause failure of the ac system and or the clutches to not engage\disengage
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ty for your responce.appreciate you
thank you.probably a few are broken.
does the winding come as a seperate part or is that all in one with the compressor? ac / defrost everything seemed good until the clutch went out
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