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ac coming out of shifter

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so for the last few days i been ignoring the ac coming out of my shifter but its starting to get really cold on my leg i know it shouldnt be coming out of there. could it be something loose it comes out from the line between the shifter and carpet.

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Pull the shift knob off and then lift up on the rear edge of the wood grain panel. Might have to put it in N or D. That should give you a good look inside.
Just a note on extracting the shift knob...there's a U shaped clip embedded behind the handle you must remove first. A small fine-bladed screw driver will help in pulling it out. Note the way it comes out - it needs to go back in the same way. Now the shifter knob will pull off the shaft. I think there's a conduit under the console to route A/C and heat to the rear passengers. It might be cracked or have come apart.
If you read the first post of the thread I sent you the link to in my last night PM; you have the pictured procedure for the shifter knob removal (the one involving the U clip greg-sls kindly mentioned about). Also he is absolutely right in regards to the conduit, yes is a big round flexible plastic pipe going to the rear seat vents.
Once the shifter knob is removed you should position the shifter in D (i.e. dead center) so is easier to remove the bezel. Should you need to press on the button on the knob (witch now is removed) no problem press on the white plastic insert in the middle of the shifter.
Now observe the picture (hope you don’t mind I used yours), in the general areas where the yellow arrows point are 4 clips (some kind of spring loaded metal tabs). Well you pretty much pull the bezel up corner by corner forcing the clips. Should not be hard to brake loose and make sure you don’t pull on the wood part, under the wood is a plastic, that what you should pull from underneath (say using a knife of some kind of blade tool).
The bezel has the heated seats buttons and the PRND321 indicator thus expect 3 harnesses to be connected to it with just enough slack so you can put your hand underneath and disconnect.
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ok i figure out why. the ac vents to the passengers where off so the air come out the shifter and when i open them the air doesnt come out is that normal
The more vents you close, the more pressure there is in the ducts and thus will find any leak points. I'd suspect there is a leak in the duct down there and it's just not bad enough to notice until you raise the pressure some.
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