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AC Blues Code: B 1315 Help!!

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Recently I took on my STS AC system, since the compressor was leaking oil I thought it would be better to replace it before it would get worse. So I had the system evacuated, I bought a new compressor, and stalled it, replaced the accumulator, added the correct amount of the corresponding oil to the system, replaced all the oil seals and orifice tube. I evacuated the system, to spec, and additional 45 minutes of vacuum to make sure no moisture was left in the system. I waited aprox. two hours to make sure it held vacuum, it did and I vacuumed some more just to make sure no moister was left in the system. Cleared all codes, and filled the unit up with refrigerant. Naturally with a jumper so the compressor would come on. Got a good pressure: low side 36lbs high side 165lbs with compressor cycling. Nice cold air coming out of the vents. So far so good.

Now I am getting this B1315 code that I can not get ride of. I have tested every relay that would affect the compressor from activating, every fuse and nothing. Electricity continuity from point to point every thing tested ok. So I thought maybe you guys can guide me in the right direction because I ran out of ideas. Did I overlook something?
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B1315 - Evaporator Inlet Temp Sensor Short Circuit
Thank you, I really appreciate this. One more question; do I have to evacuate the system again in order to replace this sensor?
I'm not sure without a FSM. If it is a duct temperature sensor, then no, but if it is a refrigerant line temperature sensor, then yes.
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