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Hello all,
My 99 STS has an error every time it rains.

I get the codes:
ABS 1228
ABS 1235
AMP U1064
AMP U1255

Points to the right wheel and data loss. Is this a short? How does one begin to look for what could be causing this type information. While the lights are on, abs and traction control, the system seems to be disabled. Meaning to much pedal will spin the tires. Another note is that the trouble lights do not come on while the car is in motion. This time they came on the first time I started the car in the morning. I had not even put it in gear. It rained all night and the day before. So driving home could have got wet? No trouble lights though.

It is a new car to me.

Real clean no other real problems other than a trunk leak. Speaking of which the seal replacement is an updated replacement part for this model. Had to wait for the part.
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