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ABS, Traction Control LIGHTS HELP!!!

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Ok guys my dad could use your help
He has a 98 STS with all goodies minus on star
4 mths ago his Service Suspension SYS and Service Stability SYS messages came on. Now his Traction Control, and ABS lights have begun to light up. Took it to the dealer they determined it was a sensor on the right that had shorted due to a power steerling leak that burned it up. We replaced the right sensor and still no go. The codes read:

C1226 - Right Front Excessive Wheel Speed Variation
C1233 - Right Front Wheel Speed Circuit Open or Shorted

I think its a bearing any ideas?
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Right Front Wheel Bearing Assembly and possibly the ignition switch (worn contacts).

Same symptoms on my 99STS. All problems went away after replacement of both items. Class 2 data bus runs through ignition switch. Contacts go bad, causing bad to no connections during start up. Some of the computers do not respond, causing false errors.

Old old problem that was discussed on the old gmforums board.
Yup. if it's not the connection at the wheel, then it's likely the wheel speed sensor which is integral to the hub and bearing assembly.
I replaced my front left hub last year after doing some trouble shooting. There is a small two wire connection that goes to the ABS sensor in the hub. As a quick test you can hook up a multi-meter and measure the resistance in the two wires going to the hub.

On by worn out hub the wires didn't measure a resistance as the wire was broken.

jadz said:
I found this image

on this website

I think thats the type of sensor that is on the system right? I may have to try to rig up a scope to the sensor and drive around for a bit to see what I can read.


In some cases it can just be that the connection is bad (the small plug at the hub) or it can be that the sensor itself is bad.

Replacing the HUB was a fairly easy job, though the first one that I bought (new of course) was a POS and I ended up having to exchange it for another one.
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