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Hmm it was strange today was the first time that the abs has kicked in our 96 deville because its been snowing heavily today for about 6 hours.

The strange thing was when teh abs kicks in not only does the pedal vibrate it actually lifts up a little sometimes a lot. In my 94 fleetwood and 00 suburban the pedal pulses but it never pushes back up.

The brake pedal in the 96 pushed back up in the same way that my 94 fleetwood gas pedal pushes upwards when the TC kicks on so it seem that this 96 is the opposite of my 94 fleetwood.

fleetwood -gas pedal pushes back when TC is active -brake pedal pulses but doesnt push back

deville-gas pedal does not push back when TC is active -brake pedal pulses and pushes back very hard when abs is active

I thought all abs systems operated the same but this is the first car in which the brake pedal pushes back and it felt a little odd.At least the abs and TC systems are working ok.

I've only activated the abs systems in a few cars ive driven but i dont remember how most of them felt.
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